7DAYS Your Emotions Today Weekly Beauty Set

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A nice set of masks for the whole week!
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Cleansing Foam Primer - Monday

#fail....a pimple! No worries: this cleansing foam from 7DAYS cleanses your skin, removes makeup and is a killer for pimples. So you don't have to stay in bed with your curtains closed. Nice. #god exists #pimple killer

What's in it?
Raspberry, blackberry, cranberry, blackcurrant and blueberry: cleanse and protect.

This primer can be used multiple times.

Contents: 25gr.


Toner + Lotion + Essence - Tuesday

All-in-one! For fast girls who do not feel like (and or time) to stand for hours in front of the mirror. #sleeping#littletime!

What's in it?
Iris and jasmine: for a calm and peaceful skin.

This product can be used several times.

Contents: 20gr.


Moisturizing Face Mask - Wednesday

Feel like an extra boost? The energy splashes off again with this mask. You go girl!
#tired-isn't-an-option #hop

What's in it?
Bamboo and cucumber: restores, refreshes and softens your skin.

This mask can be used multiple times.

Contents: 25gr.


Face Peeling Gel - Thursday

Time to exfoliate! For a wonderfully soft baby skin. Yummy! #Perfectly clean skin!

What's in it?
Mango and peach: get rid of dead skin cells and dirty pores! Softens and improves.

This gel can be used several times.

Contents: 25gr.


Illuminating Fluid Moisturizer - Friday

Feel like shining? Then use this delicious BB cream for your face that gives a lot of shimmer to your skin.

What's in it?
Peach and vitamin B: make your skin look healthy and beautiful.

This cream is reusable.

Contents: 25gr.


Soothing Skin Gel - Saturday

Heaven on earth! First Aid: First Aid for Unbelievable ... You can use this gel for your face, your hands, your cuticles, your body after sunbathing or if you are pricked by insect. #musthave #notonlyforSaturday

What's in it.
Aloe vera and chamomile: for cooling and relaxation.

This gel can be used several times.

Contents: 25gr.


Face Sleeping Mask - Sunday

Zzzzzzz... nice sleep. This mask does the rest. You will wake up with a soft, fresh and relaxed skin. #wake-up-beautiful #clockwise #shower-sleeper

What's in it?
Donkey milk: no this is not a joke. Did you know that donkey milk repairs, soothes and boosts the skin's energy? And all while you sleep!

This mask can be used several times.

Content: 25gr.

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