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The most fun way to care for and protect your hair daily

Nosa Protect with tea tree is the absolute must-have for children's hair care, already from o months. It has a 3-fold action: it nourishes, moisturizes and protects. The products are available in 3 delicious fragrances (apple, peach or strawberry) that mask the less pleasant smell of tea tree, but keep the protective properties intact. 

Nosa Attack anti-lice lotion with 5% dimeticon effectively kills lice and nits without drying out or damaging the hair. Extremely suitable for sensitive skin types. Suitable from 6 months!

Dermatologically tested. 

The box contains:

Nosa Protect Tea Tree Shampoo Apple 250ml
Nosa Protect Tea Tree Spray Apple 250ml
Nosa Attack Anti Lice Lotion Apple 100ml 

With free lice comb and Lou the Lice. 

Now together from 34,85 euro for 27,95 euro!

The products in the box have Spanish packaging with Dutch product explanations. 

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