7DAYS Beauty Shopping Bag with cosmetic musthaves

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Shop until you drop! Top birthday gift! Or to pamper yourself with your favorite 7DAYS products.

What's in it?

Illuminate Me Miss Crazy Smooting Sugar Body Scrub 220gr
Sparkling cane sugar crystals combined with fine mineral scrub gently cleanse your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and silky. This scrub removes impurities and flakes. With delicious mango scent.

Shine, Bombita! Body Mist 04 Light Pink 150ml
Let's go! Use this spray for a stunning glow with a beautiful shimmer and delicious scent.

Five face and body care products:
7DAYS Sheet Face Mask (1 piece)
7DAYS has seven delicious tissue face masks that nourish and hydrate the skin resulting in healthy glowing skin.
7DAYS Pshhh Refreshing Oxygenating Sheet Face Mask (1 piece)
This tissue face mask nourishes the skin with oxygen. The unique formula of fruit acids (such as alpha hydroxy acids, including glycolic, lactic, apple and tartaric acids) generates a foam bursting with oxygen bubbles for a deep cleansing effect.
7DAYS Go Vegan Sheet Face Mask (1 piece)
Delicious tissue face mask with vegan formula without animal ingredients. Contains 98% natural ingredients.
7DAYS Happy Feet 25gr (1 piece)
A delicious foot cream with peppermint and shea butter. It softens, hydrates and refreshes. Make your feet happy again.
7DAYS Happy Hands 25gr (1 piece)
To complete your beauty ritual, a hand cream for nice soft hands. It contains peach to hydrate the skin and leave it feeling soft.

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