Nosa Nosa Attack anti-lice treatment

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The only fun line against head lice, that also works!

Anti-lice lotion 5% Dimeticon with the delicious smell of peach.

NosaAttack 5% Dimeticon anti lice lotion without insecticides, suffocates and paralyzes lice and nits.
nits. An exclusive formula of Silicone and Dimeticon that creates a film around the lice and nits.
layer around the lice and nits is created causing them to die.

Moreover, the Dimeticon NosaAttack lotion has a nurturing and softening effect.
The hair is therefore easy to comb, lice and nits are easy to pick out.
Moisturizes the hair and does not irritate the scalp.

The handy spray applicator provides more comfort and precision. Ideal for both long and short hair.

This treatment contains the anti lice lotion 100ml and a free lice comb.

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