Nosa Protect Tripple Action Tea Tree Hair Mask Strawberry 250ml

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The only fun line against head lice that also works!

NosaProtect Triple Action Tea Tree Mask is specifically designed to protect, detangle and repair split ends. The unique formula with Tea Tree oil and 5% Dimeticon provides exceptional shine and total hair care. The formula is dermatologically tested.

Contains 100% pure Tea Tree oil sourced from Australia. Tea Tree oil has traditionally been used to keep hair lice away. The exclusive NosaProtect Tea Tree guarantees 80% of total terpenes and 30-48% of the active molecule 4-Terpineol. Moreover, it does not contain Methyleugenol, an ingredient responsible for scalp irritation. This makes it a safe product.

NosaProtect Triple Action Tea Tree Mask has the delicious scent of strawberry, which completely suppresses the predominant smell of Tea Tree oil, but keeps its properties intact.

Contains no parabens, sulfates, insecticides or pesticides.


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