Soivre Radiance Vital Skin set van 3

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Radiance Vital Skin Face Cream 30ml - 95% natural ingredients

Revitalizes and prevents aging of the skin. The synergy of the active ingredients provides a clear and even skin tone. Stimulates collagen building. Improves the skin barrier.

Radiance Vital Skin Face Serum 30ml - 95% natural ingredients

Brightens, revitalizes and protects skin exposed to environmental damage. Hydrates, evens out skin tone, reduces wrinkles and lines.

Radiance Vital Skin 10% Pure Vitamin C 10 ampoules x2ml

The ampoules with 10% pure vitamin C neutralize free radicals,
counteract signs of aging and provide hydrated, flexible, smooth and visibly younger skin. They reduce pigmentation and provide a clear and even skin tone.

Vitamin C: provides a clear and even skin tone, prevents and repairs cell damage and stimulates the production of collagen.

Without parabens, silicones and dyes. Dermatologically tested.

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